K-LINK Indonesia
17th Anniversary

13th April, 2019 –Jakarta. K-LINK Indonesia has been around for 17 years, to celebrate the success of the company, the anniversary celebration was held in Jakarta Convention center with a total of 5000 attendees. The event started at 2.30 pm and ended at 6.30 pm. Group General Director Dato’ Dr, Hj, Md, Radzi Bin Saleh gave an inspiring speech regarding the success of K-LINK Indonesia….


Regional Recognition Rally

24th March 2019- Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

The Regional Recognition Rally was celebrated to show our appreciation and gratitude towards our outstanding distributors. In K-LINK International, we acknowledge our employees’ hard work and we ensure everyone feels appreciated. Rewarding these overachievers is extremely important as we prioritize their effort in every step of the way.

Hong Kong Health Care Federation Product Endorsement Presentation Ceremony 2018-2019

8th March 2019 – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre K-Ion Nano is one of our top products in K-LINK International. An evolutionary, life changing spectacles that is infused with Tourmaline that promotes negative ion. K-Ion Nano increases blood circulation around the eye area offering more oxygen supply to our eyes.


Wealth Warrior Programme

K-LINK India had organized a two day personal development program in Kolkata, Raipur and Siliguri. The purpose of the event was to encourage the distributors to practice self-improvement and development. According to K-LINK India General Manager, Mr. Jegiathesan Subramaniam, it is crucial to have the right mindset and attitude to succeed in this industry.

K-Ladies Club
2nd Anniversary Gala Dinner

Empowered women, empowers women. On the 9th of March 2019, K- Ladies Club had their Gala 2nd Anniversary Gala Dinner. The event was hosted at The Pearl Hotel with a great turnout of 72 qualified female distributors from all over the globe.

Donation to St.Joseph’s Home in Penang

19th February 27, 2019- St. Joseph’s Home, Penang. Chinese New Year had been a blast this year and many spent this special occasion with their loved ones. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate enough to share the jovial occasion with their family.

Hong Kong - 24th February

Chinese New year is one of the most important occasion to all Chinese around the world. K-LINK Hong Kong celebrated their Chinese New Year at K-LINK Hong Kong Conference Hall from 2pm to 6pm. K-LINK Hong Kong shared this jovial event with their employees and K-LINK members. The Chinese New Year celebration had a great turn out with 100 participants.

Chinese New Year
Open House 2019!

Batu Pahat, Butterworth, Jenjarom – 16th February 28, 2019. Chinese New Year Open house has always been a great way to celebrate this jovial occasion with fellow K-LINK International’s distributors. Nonetheless,
K-LINK International celebrated Chinese New Year Open house in three different locations this prosperous year.

5th-9th February – Darjeeling

K-LINK Bangladesh arranged a 5 days 4 nights incentive trip to Darjeeling for our 15 achievers. It is crucial that K-LINK International values and recognizes the effort of the employees. The main goal of the trip is to show K-LINK’s appreciation and gratitude towards the achievers’ hard work.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2019!

Chinese New Year 2019 has finally come to an end. On 18th February 2019, K-LINK International commemorated the annual Chinese New Year Celebration. The festive celebration started at 12.30 pm with firecrackers and jovial lion dance crew at our Wisma K-LINK International building.

Grand Leadership Seminar

Dhaka, Bangladesh (21st January 2019) – K-LINK International Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd had organized the annual Grand Leadership Seminar at Intraco Convention Center. The primary goal of the event was to encourage and instigate the distributors to enhance their commitment and dedication to achieve their success with K-LINK International.