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Health Corner - Insomnia

Dear partners, in this issue, I would like to share with you on the issue of sleeping problem otherwise also known as – Insomnia.

Insomnia sufferers have great difficulty getting to sleep or have a sound sleep. The length of sleeping hours varies from one person to another but generally elderly people need less sleep!

Insomnia is mainly caused by mental uneasiness for instance anguish, easily distracted and feeling distress of senile individuals and etc. Other factors include worry, excitement, pain and discomfort and etc.

Environmental factors, food, internal medical condition, digestive problems, lack of vitamins and minerals besides internal medical problems include thyroid, anemia, heart disease, ulcers, migraine, arthritis, kidney disease as well as epilepsy could also cause insomnia.

Food and drink of stimulant nature can also trigger insomnia, e.g. caffeine in coffee and tea as well as salt (in which both stimulate the adrenal glands). In addition to that, salt could cause blood pressure to rise and this in turn can also lead to insomnia.

Chronic insomnia is probably caused by the thought of not being able to sleep by an insomnia sufferer! Such sufferer should relax and do not keep worrying about their insomnia problem. They should change their psychology about sleeping. They can either work out a new set of action during the time before going to sleep in order to relax their body and mind for instance taking a short walk or a hot shower, have a massage, drink a glass of hot milk, listen to music or even practice some meditation.

Do you realize that at K-LINK International, we have products just for insomnia sufferers? For example, Kinotakara with its negative ions alongside K-Osteocal with its rich calcium contents can both stimulate the autonomic nervous system, which can lead to the relaxation of the muscle and mind respectively and at the same time encourages blood circulation and inner energy flow. All these can help improve sleep effectively.