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Health Corner - Fatty Liver

Dear members of K-LINK International, for this issue i would like to touch on Fatty Liver because this problem is affecting a lot of people and K-LINK International has some wonderful products to help solve this problem!

What is Fatty Liver?

Fatty liver is caused by accumulation of fats in the tissue induced by disturbance in fat metabolism. Improper dietary, alcohol consumption and over weight might result in fatty liver.

The normal liver fat is only with 5% of wet weight of the liver consists of phospholipids, triglycerides and small amounts of fatty acids and cholesterol. The three most important types of metabolism (carbohydrate, fats and protein) are mainly completed in the liver. If we take in too much animal fats together with excessive alcohol but lack of exercise, its excess fats will store in the body. If the storage in the liver is more then 10% wet weight then it is diagnosed as fatty liver! There is a sharp increase in fatty liver problem recently especially in men.

What are the Common Causes of Fatty Liver?

Long term alcohol consumption, excessive nutrition, nutritional deficiency, diabetes, medication and hyperlipidemia are the main causes of fatty liver.

1. Alcoholism

Alcohol is the main culprit of liver damage. When alcohol gets into our body, it will be metabolized by the liver. Alcohol will affects the liver cells to metabolize fatty acids and this will induce fats to accumulate in the liver causing fatty liver. The more alcohol we drink the fatty liver condition gets worse and this will eventually cause hardening of the liver.

2. Excessive Nutrition

Long term excessive intake of animal fats, vegetable fats, carbohydrate and protein will lead to these nutrients to be converted into fats and stored in the liver, causing obesity, hyperlipidemia and fatty liver.

3. Nutritional Deficiency

Not only the fat people get fatty liver, thin people may also get it! This is owing to long term nutritional deficiency such as lacking of protein and vitamins. If one suffers from chronic intestinal diseases leading to poor absorption or goes for dieting, vegetarian food or is selective in food and etc., this may lead to low protein in blood, lacking of bile salt and amino acid etc., and this will induce fats to get into the liver and cause fatty liver.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by lack of insulin and reduced use of glucose by the body for energy. In order to compensate this, the drifting fatty acids will increase and when these fatty acids are not fully utilized and combine with the fats in the liver, this will also cause fatty liver. The rate of type II diabetics suffer from fatty liver is as high as 40%-50%. Liver damage caused by obesity with chronic alcohol consumption can easily cause diabetes. 60% of the obese people with diabetes get fatty liver two times more than those without diabetes.

We will stop here and share with you guys again on fatty liver (Part II) in the next issue.