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Health Corner - Asthma

Big hello to all the members and friends of K-LINK International! How are you guys doing? I sincerely hope all of you are in the pink of health! In this issue, I would like to share something about Asthma!

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease. It is signified by breathing difficulty, frequent coughs and shortness of breath. Physical and mental stress, respiratory tract infections, air pollution, changes in humidity or exposure to air contamination caused by paints, sulphur dioxide, ammonia etc will often lead to asthmatic attacks. Low blood glucose, imbalance of adrenals and some specific allergens may also contribute to asthma attacks!

The symptoms include chest tightness, breathing difficulty and also wheezing. The act of an asthma patient trying to cough out the phlegm may lead to severe coughing. Depending on individuals and the cause, the asthmatic attack may last for a few minutes or even a few days.

In some severe cases, the patients may be asked to do skin tests to determine the causative allergen. The common allergens are pollen, fur of animals, house dust and certain food (e.g. chocolates) etc. Asthmatics should take great care with their nutrition and must avoid the “sensitive” food/ drink which may cause asthma.

In K-LINK International, we are blessed with two excellent products for asthma. These are AyuAsmo and Gamat Taurine. These products help to improve blood flow and oxygen supply to the lungs and this can help expel the phlegm and clear the airway to encourage good air exchange. It also strengthens the kidney to get rid off excessive water from the lungs.

Gamat and AyuAsmo will strengthen the immune system and this will protect and strengthen the lungs when challenged by the in-coming allergens.

Asthmatic patients should take 2 capsules of AyuAsmo and 2 soup spoonful of Gamat Taurine morning and night after food for proper management of Asthma. All asthmatics are highly encouraged to drink warm π water. ( π water from 7-Star Water Filtration System K-LINK International) to dissolve the phlegm and help maintaining the body at alkaline pH. Chocolate, cheese and ice (also smoking) should be avoided during the treatment period.