K-LINK – Lifting Up With Hands of Help

Lombok, Indonesia (20th August 2018) – The archipelago geologically tampering the active Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, was once again affected by an earthquake. The disaster came along at the cost of snatching 3000 lives besides leaving few more thousands suffer injuries and heartache, last year alone.

More depressing news filled the Newsfeed just before the curtains of 2018 were drawn when thousands of people were condemned to be called homeless overnight.
In just the first few days after the quake, generous help poured in from various entities and among them was our very own K-LINK International. Aiming to support the relief efforts by large, volunteers from K-LINK International were present at the scene clearing the mess and worry that had filled the Island and the hearts of the victims.

Words alone will not express the plight of the victims, especially when it’s the third occurrence in the span of six months and waking up every other day hoping their city returns to normalcy.