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K-LINK YES Carnival & National Recognition Rally 2009

K-LINK International has successfully organized its Year End Sale 2009 in Sunway Convention Center on 13 December 2009. The carnival is an annual event most anticipated by every member each year. It is the golden opportunity for each member to strive better sale performance on that day. Hence, they also get to purchase products with promotional prices and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. As rewards to members whom have worked hard to purchase products and participate in the quizzes and games provided, five lucky winners were drawn to win a trip for two to Cambodia this year. Members enjoyed themselves that day to bring back interesting gifts and valuable products.

This year, the theme of “THE CIRCUS” was chosen for our YES Carnival 2009 which witnessed a celebration of colours and joy for all members and their family members. Plenty of exciting games and fabulous prizes were lined up for grab. Several booths were set up to display K-LINK International’s finest products where their respective professional representatives were ready to provide useful information and advice to members. The representatives include Dr. Chai, Dr. Razali, Ms. Fiona Ho, Ms. Yeoh Bee Lian, Dr. Loh and others.

The Carnival this year was filled with glamour and glow. We were proud to have Mr. Alex Yoong, Malaysia’s most successful race driver to promote our product, K-FuelSaver TM. Ms. Chris Tong, winner of Miss Malaysia Chinese Cosmos 2006 Pageant, actress and ambassador of K-BeauCareline skin care series, joined us to colour up YES Carnival 2009. Another guest would be the newly crowned winner of Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2009 (Southeast Asia Region) and the Miss Health & Beauty subsidiary title holder, Ms. Ong Wei Sian was present to grace the booth of our bamboo charcoal body shaper, K-Perfect. The special guests accompanied the Group Managing Director, Dato’ Dr. Darren Goh, Group Executive Director, Dato’ Lawrence Yap and Group Finance Director, Dato’ Khor Kah Keng to visit the product booths. Besides that, an autograph session was held for the VIP’s on the K-FuelSaver TM backdrop.

The National Recognition Rally 2009 was another major event of the day. The event was the achievement of our elite leaders whom have worked hard for their respective network all this while. An energetic dance performance marked the opening of the National Recognition Rally 2009 and followed by a welcome speech from our Group Managing Director, Dato’ Dr. Darren Goh. We witnessed our elite leaders being crowned from respective rankings from Manager, Sapphire Manager, Ruby Manager, Emerald Manager, Diamond Manager and Crown Ambassador. Besides performances and the award ceremony, five successful leaders; CM Khairul Anuar Bin Salim, CM Yu Wing Toong, CM Cheong Hock Chye, CM Raihan Binti Haji Wan Ibrahim and CM Mohd. Shafri Zainal shared there success experiences on stage. The sharing sessions gave motivation and positive impact to other members.

This year Best Stockist was awarded to Mr. Koh Tong Boon from Kuching while the Best Stokist was awarded to Ms. Ivy Woon from Singapore. They received the honour two years in a row by showing great sales performance. The most awaited event was the lucky draw session. Fabulous prizes like LCD television, mobile phone, DVD player, PSP and other were given to the lucky winners. The recognition rally ended with “Untukmu K-LINK” song by all members of K-LINK International.

8th Anniversary Celebration and Recognition Ceremony of K-LINK International

K-LINK International celebrated its 8th Anniversary and Recognition Ceremony in Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) on 8 August 2009. The grandeur event was celebrated together with approximately 3,000 K-LINK International members from around the world like Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Lithuania, Nepal, Poland, Africa, Kenya, Cyprus, England and other countries. The eventful MIECC Convention Centre gathered all elites of K-LINK International. Malaysia as the origin of K-LINK International, we were grateful to celebrate the 8th Anniversary in the home country, full of prosperity and culture.

Group Managing Director, Dato’ Dr. Darren Goh, Group Executive Director, Dato’ Lawrence Yap, Group Finance Director, Dato’ Khor Kah Keng and Group General Director, Dato’ Dr. Hj. Md. Radzi bin Saleh welcome every elite of K-LINK International from all over the world with pride and honour. K-LINK’s Board of Directors were invited on stage to officiate the 8th Anniversary Celebration and Recognition Ceremony.

The theme for K-LINK International 8th Anniversary Celebration is “One World, One Mission, One System” and it complements well with K-LINK’s principle which is to play a major role in the network marketing industry globally, parallel with our vision, to become an international network marketing company with high competence to guide all members towards one world, one mission and one system. Till this year, an outstanding record has been produced, with approximately 154 members achieving the Crown Ambassador ranking successfully, 23 Senior Crown Ambassadors and 12 Royal Crown Ambassadors.

The Anniversary Celebration was filled with exciting programmes. Successful leaders shared their valuable experience with other members. All members were mesmerized by astonishing singing and dancing performances. As the Diamond Sponsor of “Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2009 (South East Asia Region)”, K-LINK International proudly presented 18 contestants of the pageant in the event. Besides the 8th Anniversary Celebration and Recognition Ceremony, a dinner with the theme, “Cultural Night” was also organised on the following day which fell on 9 August 2009 in Sunway Surf Beach. Every member was delighted with so much excitement and looked forward for the celebration in the coming year.

A Day in Our Inaugural Anti-Cancer Cooking Workshop

16 May 2009 marked the first class of K-LINK International's Anti-Cancer Cooking Workshop. The one-day workshop was held in Wisma K-LINK, with the expertise of nutritional therapist, Ms. Kelly Chow. The event started at 10.30am and lasted until 6.00pm. The respond was overwhelming. Approximately about 11 dishes were demonstrated and enhanced with special ingredients of K-Nitrilosides and K-Phyto-Omega-3 Golden Flax.

K-LINK Carnival and National Recognition Rally 2008

K-LINK has organized the K-LINK Carnival and National Recognition Rally 2008 in Sunway Convention Centre on 14 December 2008. It was the day everyone member of K-LINK International has been waiting for. It was also a chance for them to gather and share amongst themselves. Besides attending the K-LINK Carnival to increase their sales volume before the year ends, K-LINK elites should feel proud of themselves as it was also a ceremony to recognize their effort and success.

Activities on that day was fully arranged packed for one whole day starting from 9 am to 7pm. Sales carnival was held in the morning session while the National Recognition Rally was held in the afternoon. In conjunction with the school holidays and weekend, K-LINK members from around the country had the opportunity to bring along their whole family to participate in this meaningful day.

Various activities have been arranged in the Carnival. They include the launching ceremony of new products such as K-Perfect Bamboo Charcoal, K-Uttervin, K-Phyto-Omega 3, K-Nitrilosides, K-PPN Fossilized Coral and K-BioAntiBac series, product display and demonstration counter, health check, Christmas sales promotion, “Hunt for K-BioGreen” game, children games section and many more as well as lucky draws. K-LINK Carnival was filled with jostling members and their family although the activities were not even started. Happiness was felt in every corner. Members have gone through an enjoyable and exciting Carnival!

Achieving dreams with pride and happiness

The National Recognition Rally 2008 was the most important event of the day. K-LINK International was proud to have YB Senator T. Murugiah, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department to officiate the rally. YB Senator T. Murugiah has delivered a meaningful speech and encouraged people to be wise in sourcing for alternative ways to upgrade their living nowadays especially during the economic crisis which witness retrenchment of employees. He also encouraged people to consider MLM as a business opportunity because the modal is relatively low.

Dr. Darren Goh, Group Managing Director of K-LINK also delivered his speech full of motivational messages to encourage fellow members to work hard towards success. K-LINK will be 8 years old next year and has never failed to display outstanding results as well as launching various products of high quality from time to time. K-LINK has been the best platform for members. Mr. Lawrence Yap, Group Executive Director and Mr. K.K. Khor, Group Finance Director were invited to the stage to officiate the National Recognition Rally 2008 together with YB Senator T. Murugiah and Dr. Darren Goh.

A display of energetic cheerleading show and beautiful dance routine was featured to bring up the spirit of all members. Besides that, sharing session on success stories in K-LINK was held with Crown Ambassadors and Senior Crown Ambassadors. They received overwhelming applause from fellow members and audience.

The rally was to recognize the success of distributors who successfully achieved the ranking of Crown Manager, Diamond Manager, Emerald Manager, Ruby Manager, Sapphire Manager and Manager. More than a hundred stars went on the stage to accept their pins and certificates as a token of recognition. Among those who achieved the ranking of Senior Crown Ambassador and Crown Ambassador are SCA Muhammad bin Jaafar, SCA Hj. Asbullah Jahidin and wife, CA Murusamy Subramaniam and CA Mahaswari A/P Supramaniam. The celebrated SCA’s were looking like celebrities when they walked on the red carpet surrounded by dancers when called upon on stage to receive their recognition from the management team of K-LINK. They have achieved success and became the role models to other members to strive harder towards success. The final program was the recognition of “Best Stockist” to the winner, Mr. Koh Tong Boon, stockist from Kuching and the winner of “Best Mobile Stockist”, stockist from Singapore, Ms. Ivy Woon. A prize-giving ceremony to the recipients of the main prizes of “Buy & Win” draw and the main lucky draw were held at the end of the ceremony. The rally was adjourned with songs and best wishes from fellow members. Hope to see everyone again next year!

Success School of K-LINK with Dr. BN Edward

A 2-days program, “Success School of K-LINK with Dr. BN Edward” has been held in Wisma K-LINK on 29 & 30 November 2008. The topic for this program was “Professional Network Marketing”. Approximately 120 members participated in this program and obtained certificates issued by Open University Malaysia. K-LINK became the first MLM company to receive a professional certificate from a university. In the program, Dr. BN Edward gave motivational talks and played some interactive games with the members.

K-LINK Deepavali Open House

Deepavali has been celebrated in K-LINK on 8 November 2008. An open house has been held together with a cultural show in Wisma K-LINK. K-LINK was honoured to have YB Senator T. Murugiah, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Dr. Darren Goh, Group Managing Director and Mr. Periyasamy, General Manager of Makkal Osai to officiate the event. There were traditional food served to all members and special performances by local artiste, Sam Sara and a traditional dance by Ms. Induja. Approximately 400 members and staff attended the event. The open house celebration was a bath of colours and brightness.

Ole-ole Aidilfitri and Pre-launch of New Products Ceremony

K-LINK International has organised the Ole-ole Aidilfitri and pre-launch of new products ceremony in Wisma K-LINK on 19 October 2008. Delicious food and beverages were served on that day as a token of appreciation to members who have been giving endless support and contributions to K-LINK. Approximately 400 members attended the event. The pre-launch of new products which were held at the same time were officiated by Mr. Lawrence Yap, Group Executive Director, Tuan Haji Abdul Karaf Bin Haji Shafie, representatives of the new products who are Dr. Tan, Dr. Eric Tan and Mr. Eric Leong together. Various programs were held on that day which include product presentation and demonstration on K-BeauCareline Skin Care Series, K-EnergyMax, K-CrystalClean and K-ColourShine. K-LINK has given out 30 sets of new products as lucky draw gifts and the “Buy & Win” lucky draw was held as well. Winners and members had an enjoyable day.

BOB in Davao

The “Best of the Best” has been held in Linmarr Davao Apartelle & Suites on 10 – 11 October 2008 in Lakandula St. Agdao, Davao. Team building activities were arranged for the members. About 20 over members participated in this BOB. Mr. Lawrence Yap, Group Executive Director and Mr. Shapiarudin Abu Hassan, Business Advisor of K-LINK International attended the event.

BOB in Cagayan de Oro

“Best of the Best 2008” has been held in Cha-Li Beach Resort & Hotel, Cugman Cagayan de Oro City on 13 -14 October 2008. There were various activities organised for the members such as team building games, sharing sessions and stress-relieving sessions. About 20 over members took part in this BOB. Mr. Lawrence Yap, Group Executive Director attended the event.

Lantern Festival Celebration in Singapore

The lantern festival was celebrated by K-LINK Singapore on 11 September 2008. About 180 members took part in this event. There were various types of food prepared by the Committee Members of K-System (Singapore) and also mooncakes sponsored by K-LINK Singapore. Everyone enjoyed themselves in the lantern quiz game and 10 gifts were given out to the lucky winners.

6th Anniversary Celebration of K-LINK Singapore and Launching of New Product

K-LINK Singapore has organized the 6th Anniversary Celebration and launching of new product in the branch on 9 November 2008. Dr. Darren Goh, Group Managing Director, Mr. Lawrence Yap, Group Executive Director and Mr. Marthyn Ting, Regional Manager of Singapore attended the event. A cake-cutting ceremony has been held on the stage in conjunction of the 6th anniversary of Singapore branch. Besides that, K-LINK invited the product expert, Dr. Tan to give out some briefings on the new product which is K-BeauCareline Skin Care Series and product demonstration with the members directly. Approximately 100 members attended the event.

K-Ayurveda Now in Europe!

The first road show in Europe has been held in United Kingdom. Dr. Chai, Health Advisor of K-LINK International participated in the road show held in Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Ealing Common, London on 3 October 2008. Dr. Chai has given talks on some health issues and selected K-LINK products such as K-Ayurveda, K-Liquid Spirulina and K-Biogreen.

K-LINK Poland Convention 2008

K-LINK Poland Convention 2008 has been held in Zakopane, Poland on 26 – 28 September 2008. The event took place in Mercure Hotel and received very good response by the members. Dr. Darren Goh, Group Managing Director attended the event to witness various activities organised for the members such as talks, sharing sessions, games, dance performances and others.

Regional Recognition Rally 2008 in Melaka

On the 3 August 2008, the Regional Recognition Rally was held in Avillion Legacy Melaka. This event was specially held to recognize the successful leaders in achieving ranks from Manager to Diamond Manager. In the same event, K-LINK International launched the Starter Pack for new distributors which received an overwhelming response from all members.

This event was attended by the Group Managing Director, Dr. Darren Goh and Group Executive Director, Mr. Lawrence Yap whom launched the Starter Pack and then presented the pins and certificates to all achievers.

All members who attended were given door gifts and a demonstration of 7 Star Water Filtration System was done at the foyer.

Official Opening Ceremony of Sg. Petani Branch

K-LINK has always been growing and now a new branch has been officially opened in Sg. Petani to facilitate all members in that region. The official opening ceremony was held on 27 July 2008. A colourful lion dance routine marked the beginning of the ceremony.

Thereafter, a plaque signing ceremony was done by Group Executive Director, Mr. Lawrence Yap and Group Finance Director, Mr. K.K. Khor. Brunch was prepared for all members who came.

A string of programmes such as K-LINK products presentations and games were arranged for all members throughout the whole ceremony


Overseas Incentive Trip to Istanbul & Athens

A group of 22 members got the opportunity to visit Istanbul, Turkey and Athens, Greece for their endless effort to participate in this overseas incentive trip. The trip started on 21 – 24 June 2008 in Istanbul and 24 – 26 June 2008 in Athens.

The places visited in Istanbul were Hippodrome Square, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, St. Sophia Museum, Bosphorus Cruise, Spicy Bazaar and Grand Bazaar. In Athens, the group explored Piraeus Port, Hydra Island, Poros Island, Aegina Island, Aeropolis Archaelogical site, Syntagma Square, Tomb of Unknown Soldiers, Parliament building, Presidential Palace and 1896 1st Olympic Stadium.

All the distributors who participated enjoyed themselves very much and were delighted with the beautiful sceneries and local food of both countries. They had an enjoyable trip with K-LINK International.

K-LINK Chinese New Year Celebration 2008

During the Lunar Year of the Rat 2008, K-LINK International had had a series of Chinese New Year gathering events at the headquarters and stockists all around Malaysia from 15 th February to 21 st February 2008 .

The series of celebration events had successfully attracted the attendance of many K-LINK distributors. Among these, K-LINK International held Open House events at the headquarters on 15 th February 2008 , Kota Kinabalu stockist center on 17 th February 2008 and Johor Bahru branch on 20 th February 2008 . Many K-LINK distributors were present with hopes to get a chance to the meet the Directors of K-LINK International as well as the aspiring key leaders. K-LINK’s Directors gave out red packets also known as “Ang Pow” to all K-LINK distributors, wishing all of them to have a good start in the year ahead.

On top of that, K-LINK stockists in the respective states also welcomed the Lunar Year with various celebrations. For example the celebration in Ipoh took place on 15 th February 2008 with the support of 183 people attending the round table dinner in a Chinese restaurant. The attendance of Dr. Darren Goh and Mr. Lawrence Yap together with K-LINK’s key leaders had delighted the event. Chinese New Year Songs and Dances were performed by the local school’s band. Ipoh K-System members had presented a “God of Prosperity” statue with balloons to Dr. Darren Goh and Mr. Lawrence Yap. Many prizes had been given away during the Lucky Draw and Games session.

The celebration in Kuching on 18 th February 2008 was filled with exciting games and lucky draw. A Malay distributor won the fastest and best Chinese Calligraphy contest. Mr. Lawrence was also one of the participants in the event.

21 st February 2008 in Singapore , a total of 176 people gathered at the new K-LINK Singapore Branch located at Chinatown . They celebrated “Chap Ngoh Meh” as well as the official opening of K-LINK Singapore branch. Among the events of the day are games and the best dress contest. The crowd enjoyed watching the angpow kissing game the most.

All these enjoyable and cheerful celebrations of the Chinese New Year are hoped to bring every distributor a better year in 2008.

K-LINK Vietnam Recognition 2008

K-LINK Vietnam Recognition 2008 was held on 20 th January 2008 , at the International Convention Center Hanoi, Vietnam. This event organized is a recognition to all K-LINK leaders who had successfully achieve ranks of Manager, Sapphire Manager, Ruby Manager, Emerald Manager, Diamond Manager and Crown Managers in the months of October, November and December 2007.

The 800-attendee s event was delighted by the attendance of K-LINK International Sdn Bhd Group Managing Director Dr. Darren Goh and shareholder Mr. Loo Soon Tow. Invited guests include leaders from Malaysia consist of SCA Lee Kim Soon, CA. C. C. Chua, CA. Sam Loo, and CA. Mohammad Jaafar.

Dr. Darren Goh presented his speech on the stage at the beginning of the event. VIPs who also presented their speech included Vietnam JSC Communication Director Mr. Nguyen Le Vinh, CA Mohammad Jaafar, CA Sam Loo and the newly promoted Crown Managers.

K-LINK Recognition Day - Jakarta, 16th January 2008

On this day, the Indoor Tennis Stadium of Senayan Jakarta was flooded with more than 7,000 people who were interested in K-LINK.

Those present were not only from Jakarta , but also from Bandung , Lampung, Surabaya , Padang , Makassar and many other places. Attendees for the event at the stadium were filled with the K-LINK achievers and their family members to share the happiness and success of the meaningful recognition from K-LINK. The event brings a huge satisfaction to K-LINK, which does not only attract the interest of the family members, but also strengthen the bond between distributors and families. The special Recognition Day exhibits K-LINK’s true appreciation to the commitments and contributions of every member who brought success to K-LINK.

The emcee for the event was the famous celebrity host, CA Rizal Fatah Nurkarim, who had charmed and amused the audience. The event started with a showcase of the historical journey of K-LINK Indonesia until the successful opening of branches in Indonesia. Every second of the journey showed the effort and hard work of all involved in the making of K-LINK’s success and its proud moments.

"Train the Presenter" Seminar

K-LINK International held a seminar titled “Train the Presenter” for 2 days on the 26 th and 27 th of January 2008 at Wisma K-LINK. A group of 57 people attended the seminar.

This program was organized to train the distributors on the proper method of presentations. Every participant was given the opportunity to give a presentation to the other participants and the trainer. Then the trainer would advice the participants on their strengths and weaknesses. This program boosts the distributors’ confidence of presenting the company, and the unique products K-LINK International offers. They were given pointers on ways to encourage and attract potentials to join the K-LINK business.

K-Sauda VCO Roadshow

In accordance with the opening of Wisma K-LINK on 6 th Januari 2008, K-LINK held the K-Sauda VCO Roadshow. All K-LINK members were invited to join and celebrated the glorious achievement of K-LINK. K-Sauda VCO is a new product in Malaysia . Attendees at the event had a chance to know more and learn about the benefits of the product. Dr. Haji Yayan Karyani from Indonesia was the trainer on the day.

Wisma K-LINK Grand Opening

Wisma K-LINK was officially launched on 6 th January 2008!

From morning, people from around the world gathered at Wisma K-LINK. About 500 people, mainly distributors of K-LINK International were there to have a closer look of the RM15million building. The crowd at the lobby area was busy exploring the touch screen kiosks, which provides information about K-LINK International Sdn Bhd.

Wisma K-LINK was officiated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 3.45pm by K-LINK Group Managing Director Dr. Darren Goh, Group Executive Director Mr. Lawrence Yap, Group Finance Director Mr. K.K. Khor, Director Dr. Mohd Radzi, shareholders Mr. Loo Soon Thow as well as Tuan HajiAbdul Araf Bin Haji Shafie. This was followed by the inauguration of the lions’ awakening for the lion dance by Dr. Goh and Mr. Yap. Lead by the lions, Dr. Goh upholding a ‘Golden Eagle’ together with the Board of Directors proceeds to the top floor to shower blessings for everyone. At the same time, the dragon dance added a remarkable atmosphere around the building.

The media in attendance includes Sin Chew Jit Poh, Nan Yang Siang Pao, Oriental Daily, China Press, Kwong Wah Press, Harian Metro, New Strait Times, Mingguan Ekonomi and etc. During the interview, Dr. Goh mentioned that K-LINK is going to be more aggressive in developing the local market with the introduction of more quality products to the public. K-LINK’s philosophy is to promote health and beauty culture to the community. After which, Dr. Goh crowned Miss K-LINK, Ms. Winnie Chan with the unique crown designed by a famous designer. The beauty queen added cheer to the whole ceremony.

For the launching, K-LINK also set up free health check and product exhibition. The sales counters offered special promotion for the day on K-Omega Squa, K-Sauda VCO as well as Seven Star Water Filtration System.

The eight-floor Wisma K-LINK is now a new landmark of the area of Jalan Kuchai Lama. This is the pride of K-LINK members as it is one of their greatest achievements!

K-LINK Carnival 2007

December 9 th, 2007 was an remarkable day for K-LINK as members from every part of Malaysia gathered in Flamingo Hotel, Kuala Lumpur for the Annual K-LINK Carnival.

This year-end event not only celebrates the dedication and commitment of partners, but also gathers the company’s top sellers, recognizing their abilities that have contributed to K-Link’s continued successes. The various products on display and launching of three new products, K-Sage Plus, K-Sauda VCO Coconut Oil and K-Bamboo Salt, gave added testament to K-Link’s growth.

To get involve the crowd, a variety of informational and fun activities were held, including a free health check for high blood pressure and body mass index, K-Ayurveda exhibit, children’s corner and an hourly lucky draw. Appreciative crowds cheered at appereances by by clowns and an extra special guest: Mr. Santa Claus.

Another highlight of the day was the acknowledgement of achievers at the National Recognition Rally. Audiences were entertained with a delightful Transformer Dance followed with a speech by K-LINK International Group Managing Director, Dr. Darren Goh.

The carnival’s long-awaited climax was the awards ceremony, acknowledging “The Best Stockist”, Mr. Kho Tong Boon from Kuching and “The Best Mobile Stockist”, Mr. Kelvin Chai from Ipoh .

Indonesia K-LINK Recognition Ceremony

The Indonesia K-LINK Recognition Ceremony of Palembang was held on 16 th November 2007 . The event was honored with the attendance of the honorary Bapa Gabenor South Sumatera Ir. h. Syahrial Oesman MM and Walikota Palembang Ir. H. Edi Santana Putra MT.

More than 2,500 members from South Sumatera , Padang , Bengkulu and Jakarta partake in the event. SCA Hendri Rikianto chaired the sharing session.

Meanwhile, the Indonesia K-LINK Recognition Ceremony of Surabaya was held on 26 th October 2007 . More than 2,000 leaders celebrated the jubilant event. Leaders from Jogjakarta , Jember, Malang , Pasuruan, Makassar , Bali and Mataram also joined the remarkable event. The speaker of the sharing session was CA Andang Priyadi.

Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai Incentive Trip

K-Link International Group rewarded distributors generating remarkable sales volume with a 5 days 4 nights incentive trip to Thailand on November 11 th, 2007 . The Executive Director, Mr. Lawrence Yap led the group to Chiang Mai, the second largest city of Thailand .

The trip began with a visit to the Temple of Doi Suthep , tucked away in the mountains at 1,073 meters above sea level. Everyone enjoyed the scenic view of the temple by cable car. There is a belief that wishes will come true by circling the dome 3 times and making your wish at the same time. The group was pampered with an hour of Traditional Thai massage before dinner. The night ended with a great time at a huge Sunday night market.

After breakfast on the second day, the group visited Maesa Elephant farm. The talent show by the elephants included dancing, playing football and drawing. The group then proceeded to the Orchid Farm and the local home industrial area. Dinner was served at an authentic Thai restaurant, accompanied with an appealing cultural show. It was also a special night for leader Tommy Lee, as they celebrated his birthday as well. Soon after, they were given a giant lantern. Everyone wrote their wishes on the lantern which was then released to the sky.

On the third day, the group moved on to another city – Chiang Rai. The group visited the famous Golden Triangle, which overlaps the mountains of Laos , Thailand and Myanmar . Next, the group went to Maesai City , located in the vicinity of Myanmar border. Everyone had a wonderful time shopping, as Maesai is known for its handicrafts.

On day four, the group visited Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe Village populated by four ethnic groups: Akha, Lahu, Palong and Along Neck Karen. Later, they proceed to the White Temple , built according to one of the drawings of a famous artist.

The finale of the trip was a joyful farewell dinner at NangNual Seafood Restaurant. Entertainments of the night included live performance, fashion show, and games all night long. We look forward to the next incentive trip in 2008!

K-LINK Singapore Recognition Day

A Recognition Day was held recently as part of K-LINK Internatioanl’s effort to award the Singapore distributors, who had successfully achieved the ranks of Manager to Diamond Manager. About 250 distributors attended the event that was held on 4 th November 2007 at the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

K-LINK Managing Director Dr. Darren Goh commenced the event with his speech, followed by a product presentation by the founder of K-Ayurveda, Dr. Roopam Bhatt.

Sharing by RCA Kenny Chong, RCA Christopher Lai and Diamond Manager Yu Wing Toong was the climax of the event. It was an enjoyable day complete with a lucky draw session.


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