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Products - Health Care - K-5 Elements Essential Oil

The existence in this universe is formed by Yin, Yang and the five elements. When the five elements of the universe are in balance, everything will be existing well and in harmony. Traditional Chinese medicine categorizes human organs into Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth elements. Liver and gallbladder are Wood in nature; heart and small intestine are Fire in nature; spleen and stomach are Earth in nature; lungs and large intestine are Metal in nature, while kidneys and urinary bladder are Water in nature. When the five organs achieve balance and work with each other to form a virtuous circle, our body will become healthy and vital.

Essential Oil (HC070MT)
Essential Oil (HC070WD)
Essential Oil (HC070WT)
Essential Oil (HC070FR)
Essential Oil (HC070ER)

Respiratory system, refreshes and reinvigorates

Immune system, lymphatic detoxification

Circulatory system, calms and relieves stress

Balances endocrine system

Digestive system, abdominal cleansing

Benefits of K-5 Elements Essential Oil :

  • Promotes metabolism and enhances immune system
  • Strengthens functions of lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Helps in detoxification and replenishes five element energies that the body needs
  • Soothes fatigue and muscular pains, activates the mind
  • Improves digestive system as well as the functions of spleen and intestines
  • Regulates men’s and women’s health problems
  • Balances five organs in the body (heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys), strengthens body and slows down ageing process

It also can be used for other functions :

Body massage, gua sha, hair and leg care, facial treatment, bust care, maintenance of ovarian health, skin moisturizing and spa therapy.

Direction of use : Pour a few drops onto palm and massage relevant body part until completely absorbed into the skin.