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Products - Health Care - K-AquaLife Hydrogen Water Stick

How K-AquaLife Hydrogen Water Stick Works for You?

Water is the single most important substance for life on this planet. Without water, no life would be possible. As humans are made up of over 70% water, it is said that by drinking the right type of water it could enhance your health, longevity and also reverse ageing.

There are two types of water : either Hydrogen-Rich Water or Hydrogen-Poor Water. For your information, 99% of water available in the world today consists of Hydrogen-Poor Water. Medical research indicates that 90% of the causes of many illnesses are the result of the accumulation of acidic waste, which is produced by active oxygen species (free radicals). Almost all diseases (as well as ageing) are related to the oxidation of healthy cells by excessive reactive oxygen species ( i.e. free radicals, active oxygen species) in the body.

Active oxygen will always be produced in our bodies no matter what, due to breathing, stress, food additives, alcohol, smoking, strenuous sports, ultraviolet rays, and etc. And because it has a particularly strong oxidizing action, it oxidizes the inside of our body. This oxidation process is said to be the cause of ageing and many kinds of diseases.

K-AquaLife Hydrogen Water helps eliminate active oxygen as it contains an abundant amount of hydrogen. When hydrogen enters the body, it is broken down into active hydrogen (atomic hydrogen) by the action of enzymes. This active hydrogen eliminates active oxygen from the body by bonding with the active oxygen and transforming it into water.

Benefits of drinking K-AquaLife Hydrogen Water:

  • Helps eliminate active oxygen in the body
  • Digestive tract becomes more productive
  • Abnormal gastro-intestinal fermentation improved
  • Odour of faeces and urine reduced
  • Good for health