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What is Moor ?

The moor extract, is composed of pure rare bog aged 12,000 years old and formed within a long period of time. It contains humic acid, a potent ingredient which is a mixture of nutrient-rich plant-based organic compound, highly beneficial to our skin. Its molecules penetrate into the skin layer easily and activate the skin to regenerate new cells.

Main Benefits of K-MooracleSoap :

1) Anti-oxidant - Helps to prevent rapid skin ageing and protect the skin from free radicals.

2) Anti-inflammatory - Good in reducing redness and inflammation and helps maintaining a flawless complexion

3) Skin regeneration - Actively helps to promote skin cells regeneration for a youthful radiance.

4) Damaged skin reparation - Repairing damaged skin cells.

5) Astringent - Deep cleanses the pores for acne-free skin and acts as an astringent for a cleaner and clearer skin tone.

* This finished product is not tested on animals and contains no animal contents.