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Uniqueness of K-Perfect Bamboo Charcoal Body Shaper

 Push Up
Designed to give a “push up” effect, functioning to focus and support the breasts, standardizing and helping to treat hard lumps. It helps to encourage blood metabolism and air circulation at the breasts area, giving the effect of enlarging and firming the breasts.

Flattening the abs
Pushing the fat tissues at the lower abdomen to the hips to give an abs-flattening effect and helps to balance the body shape, uplifting the confidence in you.

 Straightening the backbone
A new revolution, specially designed according to the ergonomic theory, helps to avoid humpback and backache.

Uplifting the hips
The design and cutting of the hip cup made according to the theory of fragmented compression, distributing excessive fat into the hip cup to get the effect of uplifting the hips.

Distributing excessive fat
Distributing excessive fat at the thigh area towards the other parts of the body and creating an attractive contour at the thigh area. A comfortable design and not too tight for the body.

 Specially designed (opening at the bottom of the pant)
An international patented product with high technology for convenience when using the toilet and easy to wear.


Special Feature of K-Perfect Body Shaper – Bamboo Charcoal :

K-Perfect Bamboo Charcoal Body Shaper is created using the latest technology which uses 4 years old “Meng-zong” bamboos as the main material. After burning it twice at a high temperature of 1,200°C, the bamboo charcoal will emit far infrared energy. Natural mineral stones are added and the mixture is grinded into fine powder form with nanotechnology. Then, the materials will be added fibre. This with generate ionized bamboo charcoal fibre which is good for health.

 The advantages of bamboo charcoal cloth

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Deodorizing
  • Great ventilation feature
  • High absorption capability
  • Emits far infrared energy
  • Supplies negative ions

Suitable for :

  • Women who are fat, with bloated stomachs and big waistlines.
  • Women with menstrual problems and not standardized body measurement.
  • Women saggy stomach, cold uterus and gastroptosis.
  • Women who are easily tired and with back pain.
  • Women with weak body.
  • Women with blossomed breasts and hips and humpbacked.
  • Women after labour.
  • Women with bad blood circulation.
  • Women who has frequent windy stomach, swollen due to water retention and hormone disorder.
  • Women with joint pain and spine problem.
  • Young ladies who are maturing with changing skeletal structure.

* Recognised as an International Patent Registered High-Tech Product.
* Awarded recognition from America , France and Canada Chiropractic Association.