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Currently, taking excessive oily and sweet food is one of the main factors which lead to obesity. If we wish to achieve the ideal body figure, the first step to take is to abide by the fat reduction principle, which is to reduce sugar & carbohydrate food, more exercises and add-on protein & fibre in your diet.

K-NutraMix is enriched with :

Isolated Soy Protein - A complete protein easy to digest and absorbable by the body. It provides 9 types of essential amino acids.

Dietary Fibre : FOS Beneo Synergy 1 - A type of fibre which is resistant to human digestion but fermented by good bacteria to help in digestion process in the intestines.

Medium Chain Triglyceride - Convert energy easily and increase metabolisme.

L-Carnitine - Help as fat transporter and improve fat burning process.

Soy Lecithin - Help in digesting fat and cholesterol for healthy liver.