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Tonic for Children

AyuKid is a special herbal tonic that nourishes and strengthens the children’s body. Unlike medical formulas, which are designed to counteract specific disease patterns, AyuKid is recommended for children to prevent disease and preserve their health and vitality.

AyuKid uses herbs well-known and accepted for their rejuvenative properties. It helps to relieve fatigue, replaces energy, improves memory and sleep disorders.

Children grow and develop quickly. Their bodies need and require nutrition, to help them grow and reach their full mental and physical form.

  • Helpful when fatigued
  • Replaces energy
  • Helps in general debility
  • Has antioxidant and coolant properties
  • Helps improve memory
  • Enhances ability to concentrate
  • Checks constipation
  • Helps in digestion, common cold and checks gas formation

Dietary Advice : Milk and almonds, plenty of green vegetables and fruits are recommended.