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K-PARFUM for Him & for Her

K-PARFUM – a range of fragrance for him & for her offers you premium fine quality, pure fragrance oil, non-alcohol or other fillers. The suite of K-PARFUM is specially formulated for the discerning users who appreciate the sophistication of fine fragrances. The fragrance of K-PARFUM lasts long, for desirable aroma that last all day.

K-PARFUM pure perfume oils are concentrated to last more than 6 hours, depending upon skin type, evaporating naturally during the course of the day and evening.

The fragrance of K-PARFUM is highly unique and pure. Appreciate the aromatic fragrance – mind-smooth, long-lasting, rich, balanced and full of desirable aroma. Pick a scent that reflects you and put it on all day long.

K-PARFUM for Him

Confidence with INSPIRE
Citrus and fruity notes of papaya, pineapple and jasmine blend into the light musky scent of amber and hint of green tea.

Your success at its ZENITH
This masculine scent possesses a blend of citrus notes, rosemary spiciness, jasmine, hint of wood and ocean breezes.


Being LUSCIOUS for love
The scent blends fruity and citrus ingredients like apple, mandarin, plum, peach and rose with a light touch of musk and sandalwood finishing.

Elegance with GRACE
A fascinatingly fresh scent that blends floral and fruity fragrances with lower notes of sandalwood, musk and vanilla.