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Products - Personal Care


K-everPure Natural Hair Shampoo (PC 004)

K-everPure Natural Hair Shampoo is a premium sanitized shampoo that can be used in cold & warm water. K-everPure Natural Hair Shampoo safely washes with rich moisturizing & conditioning. K-everPURE is a unique shampoo that possesses antiperspirant, deodorant & sun protection.

K-everPure Passion Fruit Shower Gel
(PC 005)

K-EverPure Passion Fruit Shower Gel is an invigorating and nourishing shower gel enriched with Passion Fruit Extract and Soy Protein to moist and nourishes your skin.


K-OraPlusToothpaste (PC013)

K-OraPlus Toothpaste is formulated with natural herbs extract to help fight bacteria effectively for healthier, stronger and fresher teeth and gums. Smile with confidence all day long! K-OraPlus Toothpaste does not contain fluoride, SLS and DEG.

K-Active Hair Shampoo Plus (PC014)
K-Active Hair Tonic Plus (PC015)

K-Active Hair Shampoo Plus and K-Active Hair Tonic Plus are specially formulated to counter hair problems resulting from scalp imbalance and undernourishment by providing necessary nutrients so that the hair looks fuller, healthier.


K-OraFresh Mouthwash (PC016)

K-OraFresh Mouthwash formulated from natural ingredients extract, it is effectively freshens breath, promotes healthy gums and kills plaque-causing germs. K-OraFresh Mouthwash design with individual stick packaging is easy to carry around, help you keep freshens breath and flashed your charming smile at anytime, anywhere!

K-Chlorophyll Transparent Soap (PC018)

You drink chlorophyll for the health of your body, now you can even use chlorophyll for the health of your skin with K-Chlorophyll Transparent Soap. Made with the wholesome goodness of chlorophyll, K-Chlorophyll Transparent Soap cleans, revitalizes and moisturizes for softer and healthier skin.


K-OraFresh Breath Spray (PC017)

K-OraFresh Breath Spray formulated from natural extracts, it effectively freshens breath, promotes healthy gums and kills plaque-causing germs. Refreshes and moistens instantly to keep your mouth feeling comfortable.