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Terms And Conditions Of K-Ladies Club

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  • Flexible working hours
  • Infinite income opportunity
  • Easy and simple system

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Member Privileges:

  1. Beauty workshop
  2. Make-up & grooming course
  3. Manicure & pedicure class
  4. Women’s health & beauty consultation
  5. Monthly special promotion
  6. …and many more!

It’s Easy To Join KLC:

  1. Open to all K-LINK lady distributors aged 18 and above in Malaysia and Singapore.
  2. To qualify as KLC member, simply make accumulative purchase of 200 Personal BV on KLC products within one (1) month period.
  3. Ladies qualified as KLC members are required to fill up the K-Ladies Club Membership Form and submit it along with the purchase receipt(s) to your nearest K-LINK branch/ stockist, or directly (by hand or by post) to the HQ Beauty Department.
  4. For each successful application (processing period is one (1) month), the company will issue the KLC member a Membership Confirmation Letter with the KLC membership card. The Membership Confirmation Letter and the KLC membership card will be posted to the mailing address stated in the K-Ladies Club Membership Form.
  5. A penalty of RM10 will be imposed for any card replacement (for damaged or lost card).
  6. The membership card is valid for one (1) year only. In order to continue enjoying the KLC privileges, members must maintain 200 Personal BV through accumulative purchase on KLC products within one (1) month before the membership expires. If you want to continue enjoying the KLC privileges after the membership card expired, simply make accumulative purchase of 200 Personal BV on KLC products within one (1) month period and fill up the KLC Membership Form once again to renew your KLC membership card.
  7. A valid KLC membership card must be presented and verification will be required in order to enjoy the privileges. The company will not honour any promotion & privileges to any purchase made without presenting KLC membership card upon purchase.
  8. The KLC products are:
    K-Sophie, Natural Contour Cream, K-Puyikang, K-iPanty, Ai’Er, K-Energy Cream, K-Ayurveda AyuVita, Always Young HGH, K-Liquid Mixed Collagen Drink, K-NutraMix, Body Slimming Undergarment, K-Elegance Tudung, Triple Stem Cell, K-BeauCareline® D’Flora Cosmetic Series, K-BeauCareline® Bird’s Nest Series, Salomé Product Series (Facial Care, Hair & Body Care), BeauSkeen, U-Fresh.

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