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Message from the Board of Directors

The spirit and philosophy of K-LINK International is to continue the education of loving and caring and humanity from the last century. We intend to lead our distributors to develop a knowledge economy in this 21st century. Hence, the education and technology of the two centuries will have to be merged together, creating tremendous effects and lots of benefits. This will help to build a great and solid international enterprise blueprint, and develop our business throughout the world.

Our determination to develope a global enterprise is very clear. We encourage and give full support to the interaction of distributors to cross over the boundaries, to expand K-LINK International in the international market. While bringing healthy and better lifestyle all over the world, we hope that K-LINK International will play a very important role in the global direct selling industry, at the same time to fulfil our vision of becoming a globalise direct selling company. We have equipped ourselves with more specialised and modernised management concepts, in our effort to assist our distributors to plan strategically and prosper.

As an aggressive, idealistic and strategic direct selling company, K-LINK International will be equipped with the advanced macrovision and professional management concept. The management and distributors of K-LINK International will work together to achieve our 3 ‘ I ‘ culture, which are Initiative, Informative and Innovative; hand in hand fulfiling our 5 senses, that are the sense of mission, vision, recognition, appreciation, belonging, and to build a family in every corner of the globe.

One of K-LINK International key resources in turning this vision into a reality is the extensive range of superb quality, reasonable price and effectiveness of our health products. By spreading our health and beauty concept to every corner of the world, we hope more people will join K-LINK International globally, therefore, helping people to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The philosophy of K-LINK International will be adjusted according to the different cultures, races, traditions, religions, ages and education background. We are building the culture of loving and caring and concern among distributors, staff and management through honesty, confidence and cooperation. K-LINK International is creating a “Win-Win” situation which cultivates our distributors to become a sparkling star in the international arena! There are numerous examples that prove K-LINK International has help improve the living standard of its distributors.

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