Motto of the Year – K-Link

BOD photo
Our inspiration motto of 2020 “Your Visionary Lifestyle” to activate a person by empowering them with knowledge that transform their lifestyle. Motto communicates a visionary lifestyle that values ambitious growth, the need for change, and to enhance life through the natural way. The logo uses two different colors gold and green. Gold represents the color of victory and the golden years as K-LINK marks the 20 years of operating along with the year 2020. Green is the color of nature representing everlasting growth and K-LINK International’s initiative to be eco-friendly. “O2O” forms a shape of a spectacle that represents the vision of the company for the year 2020. “O2O” also means Online to Offline commerce which encourages K-LINK International’s distributors to utilize the online platform to draw potential prospects from online channels to build connections in-person. The new motto will work as a key element, providing continued success throughout the year.