Why Choose K-LINK? – K-Link
1. The Board of Directors And Management Are Experienced, Visionary And Able To Deliver
The Board of Directors are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the MLM industry.
2. A Legitimate Direct Selling Company
With globally recognised approval, K-LINK International products are safe to consume and use by consumers.
3. Implementing E-Commerce Business
Stays updated on current affairs and latest technogy for smooth operation.
4. Well-Planned Management System
At K-LINK, our business and distributors are well supported by various maturely-established departments to ensure smooth day-to-day operation.

Under Operation Department, there are:
EDP Department
• handles bonus calculation so that our distributors get their earning accurately
Distribution Department
• liaison with our stockists in terms of sales submission and business operation
Warehouse Department and Logistic Department
• manages stock inventory, storage and delivery so to ensure our stock is sufficient and fresh to meet our customers’ needs, so that our distributors and customers can get the products in good condition.

Besides the Operation Department, we have:
Account Department
• handles bonus payout so that our distributors get their earning on timely basis, as well as managing company’s finances
MIS Department
• handles network backend system as well as IT development such as e-commerce and mobile application which provides better and advanced digital platform for our distributors and customers.

Marketing is also another important pillar to assist and coordinate with our distributors on marketing and sales activities which generate income for our distributors. Marketing in general is a wide area. So the, Marketing Department is further divided into few departments in order to provide more targeted and specific supports to our distributors and customers:

Malay Marketing Department , Chinese Marketing Department and Indian Marketing Department
• communicate and coordinate with leaders on planning and arranging activities for the respective ethnic group
Product & Beauty Department
• specialized in product presentation, product consultation and product training
Advertisement & Promotion Department
• responsible in the advertising and promotional activities and materials
Function and Event Department
• organizes, handles and assists in company functions and events

5. Our Commitment To Provide Excellent And Revolutionary Products
We insist on high technology and natural ingredients so as to provide a series of high quality yet effective health products at reasonable prices to our consumers.
6. Globalise And Lucrative Marketing Plan
Offer a simple yet rewarding Marketing Plan for everyone.
7. The Power of Duplication / Provides Professional Training And Activities
Our standardised training module

  • Simple, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to do, easy to teach
  • Concept of Networking Multiplication is DUPLICATION

      Strategic Planning Board

    • The Role: The top advisory board for K-LINK’s system.
    • Formation: Appointed by the top management of K-LINK International.
    • Responsibility: Assist the company in the set-up code of operations for the distributors and direction of development.
      Ambassador Committee

    • The Role: Act as the highest rank for distributors.
    • Formation: Qualified Royal Crown Ambassadors, Senior Crown Ambassadors and Crown Ambassadors.
    • Responsibility: Ambassadors appointed by K-LINK’s top management.
      1. To implement K-LINK’s educational training modules.
      2. Co-ordinate planning, arrangement and actions of all activities
      Crown Manager Committee

    • The Role: Act as core leaders for distributors.
    • Formation: Qualified Crown Managers appointed by K-LINK’s top management.
    • Responsibility: Implement K-LINK’s educational training modules (Leadership by example).
      Diamond Manager Committee

    • The Role: Act as central committee members for distributors.
    • Formation: Qualified Diamond Managers appointed by K-LINK’s top management.
    • Responsibility: Assist lower rank distributors to master K-LINK’s system education modules.