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Life-Changing Opportunity

21- 23 Feb 2020, Kolkata – Life-changing opportunity program conducted for 3 days at Salt Lake Branch Office, and Kanpur branch. The event conducted by Dr.Pranav Kumar Ray CA, Mr.Mustafa CA & Mr.Pawn Kushwaha. The objective of this program is to boost confidence and to share knowledge about products. Furthermore, the game-changer training session organized to discuss future marketing strategies, goals and plans for the market development. There were 50 participants for the event, they truly had an opportunity to learn about K-LINK products and career advancement from successful leaders. Overall, through this training, everyone felt the need to carefully plan their life goals and to strive for a better life.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often by grabbing the opportunity we get once.”

Pongal Celebration

23 Jan 2020 Chennai- Female leaders of K-LINK India organized Pongal celebration, the event was conducted by Ms. Mahaswari, Crown Ambassador Malaysia. The event started with Pongal celebration and continued with product sharing, the sharing session includes different health-related topics and introduce the benefit of K-LINK products in regulating and nourishing the body systems.

The participants were satisfied with the product sharing session and discover the benefits of the product. The event concluded with a traditional dance performance, lucky draw session and testimonial sharing by the participants about K-LINK products. Every participant celebrated the event happily.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller.

Kreta Suraksha Mela

24 Jan 2020 – The State Consumer Affairs Department annually organizes Kreta Suraksha Mela known as Consumer Protection Fair. The objective of the fair is to create awareness of consumer rights among consumers. The three day fair held at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata West Bengal started at 2 pm every day and ended at 9 pm.

K-LINK India and IDSA took this opportunity to participate in the fair to create brand awareness about K-LINK and to introduce the product benefit to all the attendees of the fair.

Every year the crowd for the Expo fair is increasing, truly the Expo gives a massive opportunity for businesses to connect, build partnerships, and expand their reach and to provide information and knowledge to as many as possible. This Expo brought much active participation of the Kolkata leaders and interactive communication between them and the general public.

The enthusiasm and support showed by the leaders once again proved the spirit of togetherness, is the vital foundation for the success of K-LINK . Truly participating and joining Expo will bring great exposure and an increase in brand awareness.

Training and Development

The Function of Leadership is to Produce More Leaders, Not More Followers

21 Dec 2019, India- A talk was conducted by Crown Ambassador Dr.Pranav Kumar Ray to boost confidence as well as to share product knowledge with the participants. Members of K-LINK were happy in participating in this talk, which gives them more information and knowledge about K-LINK products. More than 30 people participated in this talk which benefited each of them.

A program named Game Changer conducted by Crown Ambassador Mr.Chandra Narayan Kairi at Salt Lake Branch, Kolkata. The game-changer training session was organized to discuss the future marketing strategies, goal set up and the plans for the market development. This event has improved the leadership skills of the leaders. Each program conducted to train and develop each participant to be skillful and to be filled with knowledge about K-LINK.

Regional Recognition Rally India

17 November 2019, India – Regional Recognition Rally was conducted in Hotel Hindusthan International at Kolkata on 17 Nov 2019. The event was officiated by Ms.Sarah Goh Personal Assistant of Managing Director, Ms. See Ai Marketing Manager and Director of K-LINK India Mr.Jegathesan as the Chief Guest for the celebration. The Managing Director of Welex Laboratories Dr. Roopam Bhatt, Mrs.Priya Bhatt, The Managing Director of Synergy system Mr.Rane and Assistant General Manager of IDSA Mr.Abhishek Kumar has also been invited as the Chief Guest for the Celebration. Crown Ambassador’s and local leaders were also invited for the celebration. The Members brought their family and friends to celebrate this wonderful day. There was a crowd of around 300 – 400 members in the celebration. Sharing session by the Senior Leaders about the business and the products. This meaningful day was further celebrated with the pinning ceremony for all leaders. After that, the achievers had been given trophies as the acknowledgment for their achievement and the achievers shared their views about the business and the products.

Game Changer Training Session

10 Nov 19, India – K-LINK organized a training session “Game Changer” at the Chennai head office for the leaders in order to improve their leadership skills.

This meeting had been arranged for the leaders to improve their leadership skills and also guide leaders to the path of success. Response to the training session was awesome with very encouraging attendance from the leaders.

Besides having the leaders sharing their ideas and secrets of success, Director Mr.Jegathesan Subramaniam discussed “How to change life with a new formula, to get different results”. The enthusiasm and support showed by the leaders once again proved the spirit of togetherness, is the vital foundation for the success of K-LINK.

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is a strength.”

Life-Changing Opportunity

18 Nov 2019, India – Great opportunities don’t come every day, utilize the opportunity with every chance you get. K-LINK organized Life-Changing Opportunity program at Salt Lake office, Kolkata. The aim of the program is to give an opportunity to each distributor on learning techniques of selling and updating information about the current market. The program conducted by Mr.Peter Lau – Crown Ambassador Malaysia, to train the distributors.

All the participants were happy to have an opportunity to learn about K-LINK products and K-LINK careers from our incredible leader.

Overall, through this training, everyone felt the need to carefully plan their life goals and to strive for a better life. ” To succeed, one should always undergo training to keep one, knowledgeable and up-to-date with the current market situation.

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation


Strategic Planning Session

11th Oct 19, Kolkata- Plans keep people focused on the anticipated results. Besides, with a goal, it also motivates every member of an organization. K-LINK has organized a strategy planning session at the Salt Lake Branch office, Kolkata. This session aims to discuss future marketing strategies and plans for business development. K-LINK India Director Mr.Jegathesan shared his incredible journey with the leaders. The session by Mr. Jegathesan captivated the leaders with great guidance, professionalism, ideas, and skills which is a benefit in assisting them to move forward in their business and career. This meaningful event has enriched the leaders with valuable knowledge and truly motivated each one of them. Planning and strategizing truly help an organization to move forward.

"If you don't know where you are going, you are certain to end up somewhere else." - Yogi Berra

Wealth Creating System

16th Oct 2019, Kolkata – K-LINK India recently conducted a program Wealth Creating System, which took place at Salt Lake Branch Office, Kolkata. This program had been arranged by our Crown Ambassador Dr. Pranav Kumar Ray to improve leadership skills as well as to guide distributors to the path of success. The purpose of the meeting was to improve the entrepreneurial skills in each member and also an opportunity for the members to share their views and opinions on business and proposing the steps in achieving success. The wealth-creating system program attended by 25 participants and where every member truly understands the steps to achieve success. Overall this program helps every participant to improve the leadership quality in them.

Ayudha Pooja Celebration

5th Oct 2019, Chennai- Ayudha Pooja is a traditional and significant Hindu festival and the day to express gratefulness for all types of tools that are an integral part of our life. The festival is additionally a type of thanksgiving to god for the blessing being given to their business. K-LINK India recently celebrated Ayudha Pooja at Chennai Head Office. Every staff joined the celebration and the staff involvement was remarkable in decorating the venue brightly and colorfully which sparks the festive mood. During Ayudha Pooja people normally get ready in traditional dresses to perform the different rituals of the festival and exchange the festival greetings among themselves. It was pleasant to see everyone dressed in ethnic wear which added more joy to the day. Women’s in the office made beautiful and colorful Rangoli while the men’s decorated the whole office. All the Ayudha were well decorated with flowers. Everyone received the divine blessing through the Pooja which beliefs to be adding a better growth in everyone. A celebration will be incomplete without sweets, towards the end of the celebration sweets were distributed to lighten up the mood of everyone.

Ayurveda for Modern Lifestyle

12 Oct 2019, Chennai – Ayurveda emphasizes good health and prevention and treatment of illness through lifestyle practices. Ayurveda medicine is holistic, which means viewing the body and mind as a whole. K-LINK has organized a health talk about “Ayurveda in Modern Lifestyle” for our members to learn about product knowledge mainly for the woman. This training was conducted by Ms.Mahaswari (Crown Ambassador – Malaysia) at Chennai Head Office. During the presentation, a brief explanation about the different health topics and how Ayurveda could help in regulating and nourishing our body systems was presented clearly. Through this program, all members understand that internal health is also important as the outer physical. The members were satisfied with the knowledge they gained on K-LINK Ayurveda products. Every participant truly enjoyed this program talk. After the talk, every participant was very happy to get health consultation services. This health consultation is done by Ms. Mahaswari where it is a great session about each person’s health and how to overcome the health problems.

Women Achievers Trip

20th Sep 2019 & 22nd Sep 2019, India – K-LINK organized a Women Achievers trip to Welex Laboratories and Mumbai, a knowledge filled exciting trip. Every woman member of K-LINK took a break from their busy schedule to join this exciting trip to Mumbai. This trip also gives opportunity for each woman member to visit Welex factory and Welex Office. This particular trip leads various women to adventure tours and helping them as well to step forward in their career. K-LINK India Director, Mr. Jegiathesan & Welex laboratory Managing Director Dr. Roopam and Mrs. Priya Bhatt also did not miss the chance to join this trip, which showed their support and encouragement towards the women leaders. All female members of K-LINK were happy from this trip to Welex office & Welex laboratories, which allowed them to learn more about Ayurveda products. This type of exciting trip would encourage members to be more proactive in their K-LINK career and also encourage them to join more awesome trips in the coming future.

Leadership Session

12th Sep 19, India- K-LINK organized a session at Salt Lake Branch Office Kolkata for the leaders. The objective of this leadership session was to improve the leadership skill of each leader. The meeting was prepared between leaders and directors. Through the session every leader got opportunity of knowing more about skills, strategies, secret of success from experienced leaders. Leaders shared their secret behind their success, career path, and many great ideas. Word of encouragement was also given to the leaders to assist them in stepping forward and to succeed in life. Director Mr.Jegathesan Subramanian, discussed the future marketing strategies for K-LINK. Furthermore, he also shared goal setting and the future plans for market development. Feedback on the leadership session from the leaders was positive and the overall session filled with high number of participants. The participants received motivation from the discussion on “How to change our life with a new formula, to get different results”. Truly enthusiasm and support shown by the leaders once again proved that spirit of togetherness is being the vital foundation for the success of K-LINK.

Agro Training

13th Sep 2019, India – Agro Training was conducted by Dr. Shailendra Kumar Mishra (CA) at the Salt Lake Branch Office. The objective of this training session is to discuss about the benefits of K-LINK Agro Products. Each year the number of participants in the Agro training is added little by little. The growth in the number of participants truly shows that this training session is filled with useful knowledge and information. The knowledge sharing training on Agro Products included Question and Answer Session which benefit the participant as they actively clarified their doubts through questions. This interactive training session brings many great benefit to each and every Kolkata leader. The whole training session was interesting and encouraged involvement in each participant on Agro Products. The enthusiasm and support shown by the leaders once again proved that the spirit of togetherness is being the vital foundation for the continuous success of K-LINK.

Celebration with Wealth Creation

8th Sep’19, India – K-LINK organized Wealth Creation and LCO programme in Alipurduar, Siliguri for leaders. The programme was conducted by Dr Pranav Kumar Ray (CA), the aim of the programme is to acknowledge the Eagle partner Pin achiever. In celebrating the accomplishments of each leader, awards were presented to them. Every leader and achievers utilized the opportunity in sharing their views on network marketing business and K-LINK products. Through this programme, every leaders improve their leadership skill and took guidance to the path of success. The distributors and leaders have realized from this programme in order to achieve success in life, a person should dare to dream.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller.

Counsel Meeting: Strategies for Future

22nd August 2019, India – Planning about the future makes a company to perform well and strategically. K-LINK India arranged a counsel meeting for leader on 22 August 2019 in Siliguri, West Bengal. This is to ensure each leaders gets an opportunity to share their views about business, and to plan for the strategies to improve the business. Mr Jegiathesan, director of K-LINK India initiated various plans and strategies to improve the business of K-LINK. This meeting aim to boost confidence and to build the unity as well as the team work between the leaders. The enthusiasm and support shown by the leaders reflected the spirit of togetherness is the vital foundation for the success of K-LINK.

Creating opportunity, building careers

24th July 2019, India – Knowledge has no end and learning is a never ending process. K-LINK India strives to give the best by creating opportunity and building a career path for each and every one. Recently, Mr Pramith Debnath, Crown Ambassador of K-LINK conducted Business Opportunity Presentation (BOP). The event took place at Hotel Sinchula on 24th July 2019.This presentation shows how an opportunity in business has individual in the forefront and bringing out the potential skills in them. BOP shares concepts of business and techniques to achieve in business. This event is an effort to help more aspirants who desired to build a career of their own, to improve their entrepreneurial skills and achieve success in business. Furthermore, the goal is to develop all-around entrepreneurs who will able to succeed not only in K-LINK business but also in their life. Through this event, each of the participants realized that with a vision dare to dream is the way to create success in life and this event has encouraged them more on striving for success through business.

Endless Purity of Hydrogen Water

5th-14th August, India- Healthy and vibrant life is the desire of everyone. K-LINK India recently organized a program with the theme endless purity of hydrogen water. The program for 6 days held in various places covering Kolkata, West Bengal, Nagaland, Lucknow, Kanpur, Chatisgarh and Chennai. The aim of the program is to show how hydrogen water provides benefit to improve quality of life, maintain a healthy state, and prevent the onset of various diseases. The program speaker was Mr Peter Lau, Crown Ambassador Malaysia. The interesting and knowledge filled sharing was focused on living a healthy life through K-LINK supplements and hydrogen water generator mini. The presentation shows a brief explanation on different topics focusing on health and through K-LINK supplements, health is well maintained. Sharing session with health tips and testimonials, reflects that a person is able to maintain good health and positive lifestyle through K-LINK products.

Learning through training

1st-25th July 2019- Kolkata, India- Dr Pranav Kumar Ray (CA) welcomed the month of July by conducting various exciting activities which help each person to learn through training. Activities such as Product Talk, Wealth Creating System, Leaders Meeting and Game Changer were conducted at Salt Lake Branch Office, Kolkata. The purpose of the Product Talk was to brief more about K-LINK products. Game Changer training session covers the discussion on future marketing strategies, goal setting, and planning for market development. A leaders meeting session, which was conducted for leaders, which help each leaders to share their views on business strategies as well as steps to improve the business. It also includes aspects to improve leadership skills of leaders. The spirit of enthusiasm and support given by leader’s shows that the spirit of togetherness is being the vital foundation of K-LINK success. All the activities received a great response from the participants.

Trip to Mumbai- A knowledge tour

19-20th July 2019 -Mumbai, India – K-LINK organized a trip to Mumbai. The trip was filled with learning, knowledge while having fun with the tour. It was a motivational and inspiring trip for all Crown Ambassadors. Everyone who participated this trip took a break from their everyday busy schedule, with the purpose to have a wonderful and beneficial trip. The trip was filled with extra fun with Director Mr Jegiathesan and Dr Roopam Managing Director of Welex Laboratory whom joined this trip. Trip to Mumbai covers a great opportunity for everyone to visit Welex Factory and Office.

K-Tejas Nature Glow product presentation was conducted at Welex Laboratory by Mr Rane, manufacturer of Nature Glow. The product presentation covers a brief explanation about PH Value 5.5 and the benefits of K-Tejas Nature Glow. Every participant enjoyed the knowledge sharing session where they had a chance to gain more knowledge and the use of K-Tejas Nature Glow. The whole trip to Mumbai was a great knowledgeable trip, which encourages unity and mutual understanding between each and every Crown Ambassadors. There should be more trips which will bring benefit to participants and encourage each member to be more proactive in K-LINK career where else enjoy more wonderful awesome trips in future.

International Yoga day

21 June 2019- Kanpur, India – Yoga one of the relaxing exercise that was practiced from the ancient days. Yoga for a better posture and for the relaxation of mind, body and soul. It is always encouraged to do Yoga, as yoga relaxes the mind of the person and the body in a healthy way.

The International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually on June 21 to raise global awareness about Yoga and the benefits of this ancient practice. Every year there will be a theme selected and it will be celebrated.

This year K-LINK India celebrated International Day of Yoga at Motijheel Ground in Kanpur, where it was attended by U.P Distributors and Kanpur Branch participants. Every participant showed their love to Yoga practice by practicing yoga postures with a team. “Yoga is the best fitness regime for your body, heart and mind, Yoga is the best therapy to keep your mind and body calm”. With the continuous practice of yoga, it helps each person to achieve a calm state of mind and body.

Health and Wealth Awareness

25 June 2019- Kolkata- India, Dr Pranav Kumar Ray, Crown Ambassador shared a talk on K-LINK products and health awareness in a talk that was conducted on 25 June at Salt lake Branch office. K-LINK members and the public attended the product talk, about 25 of them participated this talk. During the talk Dr Pranav shared the knowledge and benefit of each K-LINK products. It was a deep knowledge sharing by Dr Pranav and as well as boosting up the confidence of each members. The public and members learned the many benefits of K-LINK products. Dr Pranav also made a great presentation about how diseases are developing and how K-LINK products can help to maintain a person’s health while preventing the problems. Overall the product talk was a great opportunity for public and members to know and identify the diseases and how to combat the problems by using K-LINK products. The product talk created health awareness among the local community and members

Incentive Trip to Goa

27th June 2019, India – K-LINK organized 3 days and 2 night incentive trip to Goa. Goa is known for its top best destination place to visit. In this special trip 30 K-LINK Indian Group leader, including Crown Ambassadors, Crown Managers, and Diamond Managers and Director of Welex Laboratory, Mr Jegiathesan and Managing Director of K-LINK Management and Welex Staff Dr Roopam joined. It was fully fun packed activity during the trip. Every staff and participant of the trip were having a great experience and enjoyment throughout the trip.

On the first day, every participant visited Mandovi River Cruise, much fun filled and thrilling experience. Followed by North and South Goa Tour, Fort Aguada, Basilica of Bom Jesus. On the last of the trip a wonderful Gala Dinner Party held in the evening in a hotel. It was a great experience for each participant where this trip was relaxing and motivating each one of them. The Goa trip brought greatest unity and mutual understanding between the participants. Incentive trip as this encourage the members to be proactive in their K-LINK career and to join more awesome and great trips in future.

Ayurveda for women in Modern lifestyle

India, Chennai- 11th May 2019

K-LINK organized a health talk regarding “Ayurveda for women in Modern lifestyle” solely for our female distributors to learn about the knowledge of K-Link women’s product. Women empowerment is what K-LINK International stands for and we encourage and support all females to take lead and build their career path. The training was conducted by Mrs. Priya Bhatt, Director of Welex Labortory. It was held at K-LINK India Head Office, Chennai. The turnout of the event was good and everyone left the talk feeling inspired and motivated.

During Mrs. Priya Bhatt’s presentation, she had given a brief explanation of different health topics and explained how Ayurveda could help in regulating and nourishing our body systems. Through this program, all female distributors realized that internal beauty is just as important as external beauty. The members were satisfied with the knowledge they’ve gained regarding K-LINK Ayurveda products. Educating women the importance of health is crucial as we want the best for all women in the world. K-LINK International advocates gender equality and we believe that every woman deserves to create an opportunity for themselves.

It was a successful event as we have received overwhelming feedback from the distributors. They thoroughly enjoyed the health talk that was presented by Mrs. Priya Bhatt. Moreover, participants were also delighted to have the opportunity for a health consultation with Mrs.Priya Bhatt after the event.

Regional Recognition Rally

24th March 2019- Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

The Regional Recognition Rally was celebrated to show our appreciation and gratitude towards our outstanding distributors. In K-LINK International, we acknowledge our employees’ hard work and we ensure everyone feels appreciated. Rewarding these overachievers is extremely important as we prioritize their effort in every step of the way.

The family members of the distributors were welcomed as we want them to be present to celebrate this jovial recognition. The Managing Director of Welex Laboratories Dr. Roopam Bhat, Mr.Peter Lau (CA Malaysia) & Our Director K-LINK India Mr. Jegiathesan have been invited as the Chief Guest for the Celebration. The recognition had a great turnout of 300 members.

This meaningful day was further celebrated with the pinning ceremony for all distributors. All the outstanding achievers had been given trophies as the acknowledgement for their achievement. They then shared their views about the network business and the products.

K-LINK International would like to thank all of the distributor for their hard work and effort. Together, we strive for success and great achievements.

Wealth Warrior Programme

K-LINK India had organized a two day personal development program in Kolkata, Raipur and Siliguri. The purpose of the event was to encourage the distributors to practice self-improvement and development. According to K-LINK India General Manager, Mr. Jegiathesan Subramaniam, it is crucial to have the right mindset and attitude to succeed in this industry. Hence, through this program, the distributors get to improve on their decision making skills and improve their personal and professional relationship with the people around them. Hopefully through this two day personal development program, the distributors get to increase their ability to achieve their targeted goal and stay motivated and remain energetic in order to boost their sales. Overall, this program will result in increased personal empowerment and fulfillment, with a new skill set of techniques to ensure their success continues on an upward path. K-LINK India would like to thank all the distributors who took their time out to participate in this program. We wish success upon you and never stop until your goals have been achieved!