K-BeauCareline® Bird's Nest Series

Unlocking the secret of perfect skin with K-BeauCareline® Bird's Nest Series! Formulated using finest quality bird's nest and various active ingredients, it is a skin care line which improves and nourishes your skin inside and out, giving your skin an indulgence of bird's nest precious beauty properties! Since ancient times, bird's nest is being seen as precious skin care ingredient because it contains essential nutrients existing in a golden proportion which best suits the nutrition needs of human skin cells. The unique water-soluble protein and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) of bird's nest encourage cell division, regeneration and rebuilding of tissues, which promote repairing of damaged skin and reactivation of aging skin cells so that skin appears smoother and firmer.
bc028ts Deep Purifying Cleansing Gel - 130ml Eliminates impurities & refreshes skin This gentle deep cleanser provides cleansing and make-up removing actions while it soothes and hydrates the skin effectively, leaving skin feeling fresh and supple. The addition of bird's nest extract gives energy and improves the skin condition effectively. Read More
bc029ts Clarifying Toning Lotion - 130ml Revitalises, reactivates & soothes skin Enriched with multiple plant extracts, minerals and micronutrients to boost skin moisture and invigorate skin cells, leaving skin feeling fresh. The addition of precious bird's nest ingredient gives nutrients to brighten the skin tone for a more radiant looking complexion. Read More
bc030ts Ultra-Essence Moisturizing Gel - 50ml Instant hydrating, vitality & elasticity for the skin This light, oil-free moisturizer that is formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate can be absorbed by the skin rapidly to replenish moisture. Contains marine active ingredients and bird's nest extract to provide intensive hydration, reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as improve dry and dull skin. It also offers anti-oxidative and anti-aging benefits for skin that feels fresh, firm and moisturized. Read More
bc031ts Revitalizing Anti-aging Serum - 50ml Enhances skin cell reproduction, regenerative & nourishing Made from Corallina Officinalis Extract which acts to replenish and lock in moisture to create dewy looking skin. The Swiftlet Nest Extract nourishes and revitalizes the skin by aiding in reconstruction and regeneration of skin tissues. Read More
bc032ts Multi UV Protection Sunscreen SPF 50 - 50ml Moisturizes, softens & protects skin against UV rays This multipurpose sunscreen contains skin nourishing properties to hydrate as well as to conceal pores and fine lines, while providing efficient protection against UVA and UVB rays to help inhibit formation of melanin. The bird's nest extract energizes the skin for a smooth and supple complexion. Read More