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K-everPure Natural Hair Shampoo (PC 004)

K-everPure Natural Hair Shampoo is a premium sanitized shampoo that can be used in cold & warm water. K-everPure Natural Hair Shampoo safely washes with rich moisturizing & conditioning effects. K-everPURE is a unique shampoo that possesses antiperspirant, deodorant & sun protection.

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K-EverPure Natural Hair Shampoo is free of SLES, sodium laureth sulfate (aka sodium lauryl ethoxysulfate). This product uses a multi-functional ingredient extracted from olive leaves. It is blended with active substances such as bio-flavonoids and polyphenols that possess the following activities: free radical scavenger, anti-oxidant and bacteriostatic. These substances are blended to help to provide protection for our skin from harmful action of free radicals, virus, dust mite and large scopes of bacteria.

It is featured with light purple floral fragrance, acts fast in cold to warm water with high foam and deep cleansing, long shelf life and helps to protect skin from virus, free radicals and bacteria within 12 hours after using. K-EverPure Natural Hair Shampoo performs anti-oxidant reaction on skin and protects damaged hair. One of its ingredients – the Himalayan Crystal Salt is the most beneficial and cleanest salt on the planet. It contains all the elements that our body needs. Together with pure water, Himalayan Crystal Salt is the most simple, purest preventative health measure.