Social Media Ethical Conduct​

In today’s world, social media plays an important role in our daily lives. Thus, utilizing social media in direct selling is an intrigue opportunity as it reflects not only personal experiences but enriching your lifestyle in a healthy and fruitful journey while sharing all these with the people you love. It is also easier to do business with people you know as trust and confidence are already built beforehand. Therefore, it act as a very capable tool in getting others to know and better understand K-LINK and its distributors.

Make the best use out of your social media platform to revitalize friendships and gain prospects, share up-to-date product knowledge and back it up with prompt customer service, last but not least, to aspire to inspire by sharing about business opportunities and events around town.

K-LINK pledged to adopt social media in optimizing brand awareness and sharing of products and career stories in driving prospects, customers and distributors to K-LINK business. By putting ourselves out there in the internet world, we kindly ask for your cooperation in utilizing social media with conscientious, responsibility and accordingly. In materializing this task, have a read at our guide and social media civility to better understand how you can make your stand in this mission:
I. Keep it clean and clear
The market is drawn to ecstatic businesses. Make an effort to share positive news and bring joy to your reader’s day. Abstain from negative debates and clash of disagreements. Hence, it’d be more feasible to keep your social media endeavours positive and affirming.
II. Find a Good Fuse
Blasting contents that sends messages like “networking business with me” and “buy from me” will be intimidating and overkill your audience. Neither too many post about your personal life. The best would be a good balance between both business and personal posts.
III. Do not let social media takeover physical You
Offline meetings are still the best channel to human touch. Do not let social media dictate your meetings. Do conduct physical gatherings such as meet up, phone calls, and Skype, etc.
IV. Avoid Hard Selling
Spamming on public forums or any public groups on the internet will have low to no effect at all. Not only that, it’d cause annoyance to the general public and may even put you at risk in violating K-LINK’s legislation in advertising and use of trademark.
V. Genuine message
Integrity and honesty are two vital values when carrying out your online presence. Whatever posted on the internet may escalate very fast or even viral. Thus, inaccurate information and fraudulent news may be risk your (and K-LINK’s) reputation. If you would like to promote networking business opportunity, do be open about K-LINK business. Provide timely and truthful information and avoid spreading negativity.
VI. Build your credibility
Reviews and comments are a feature we love and may put your credibility at risk if not manage properly. Transparency level is high in the internet. Do be respectful and build your credibility with good customer service skills.
VII. Stand by K-LINKs’ policies, procedures and rules of conducts
Do refer to K-LINKs’ policies, procedures and rules of conducts to yield the north most out of your online business initiatives. Below are some supportive compliance to the said rules:
Brand Images and Logos
Kindly get official authorisation from K-LINK before using K-LINK’s logo and product images for your social media perusal.

Usage of Trademarks and Trade Names
Usage of your own name will harness better effect when it comes to naming your profile or business page names. Kindly refrain from violating K-LINK’s rule by using our trademarks or trade name for your online business endeavours.

Over claiming and allegations of K-LINK’s business and products
Allegations about K-LINK business and products must be definite and affirmed. We encourage you to apply K-LINK’s business and product information. Provide factual knowledge and material accordingly.

Live Broadcasting and Videos
Live Broadcasting and Videos must comply within general fact and knowledge of K-LINK’s business and product. We encourage you to share and peruse K-LINK’s official video.
VIII. Prospect: Customers
It is essential to endeavour K-LINK business and product appropriately. Do prospect customer with a personal touch in a covert environment rather on public forum and posts. Do reply customers in direct message manner in order to provide the best service and closer understanding towards K-LINK completely.
VIIII. Prospect: Distributors
K-LINK business opportunity aims to promote a healthier and more fruitful lifestyle to our entrepreneurial distributors. We would like to share with you some tips when running your online network marketing:
Kindly refrain from hard selling or any language of compensations and rewards basis. As these factors are subjective to each distributor’s initiatives. Abstain from post such as “Extra income?”, “Earn RMXXXX per month using K-LINK’s system!”
Do keep in mind that social media is a large community platform made up of different interest. Spamming and loud posts might cause discontent.


When promoting business opportunity, conduct in a covert environment. For instance on your personal page presented to your own friends and followers. Or via any application which involves personal direct live chat, email, or messaging between you and prospect.

No Price Undercutting

Retail profits are rightful earnings obtained by distributors for the dedicated services that they have rendered to their customers. It is also part of the reward plan of K-LINK International. Thus, price undercutting is when distributors sell at a price below K-LINK’s recommended customer price to customers.

Price undercutting not only dispossess you of your earnings but also takes a toll on fellow distributor’s equal opportunity when running their K-LINK business. Not only that, it also devalues our perceived brand image and product value from our customer’s perspective. This unethical and irresponsible behaviour is not beneficial and will stern K-LINK business away from its long term goals and sustainability for both company and distributors.

Consequences of Infringements

The Company perceives such practices endangerment of the business towards our distributors. Thus, we won’t dither to force solid remedial activities to ensure reformatory actions to be taken, all things considered.

We look for your collaboration to report any such occurrences through email to, and to provide the company with the proof of such wrongdoing.

Perseverance of ethical business practices

K-LINK business promotes integrity amongst all partnership with our stakeholders and we cultivate our distributors to practice doing business with the same value. Conduct your business ethically by respecting and growing together with your upline, downline, customers and company. This will ensure our continued advancement for a sustainable K-LINK business. All distributors are responsible to carry out K-LINK’s rules of conduct and to cultivate the next generation of distributors to practice the same when conducting K-LINK business. Any action which violates K-LINK’s rules and regulation or jeopardizing other distributors, the company will not be hesitant to take strict action in dealing with such disorder conducts.
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