Rules Of Conduct Terms

The rules and regulations of K-LINK International are not set forth to restrict the freedom of distributors in conducting their business, but to safeguard their interests, rights, benefits and to instill responsibilities.

You should understand that by complying with the policies, procedures and rules of conduct, you demonstrate that you are a responsible and an ethical person. Conversely, non-compliance will result in the damage of your own reputation and that of the Company and the direct selling industry.

Hence, the Company reserves the right to terminate the distributorship of any distributors who do not comply with the Company’s rules and regulations.

The Company reserves the right to amend, add or delete any of the following policies without prior notice or explanations:

1. Application for Distributorship

a. Any person, age 18 or above, are eligible to apply for K-LINK International distributorship.
b. The Company has the right to reject any application without explanation.
c. K-LINK International distributors are not employees, agents or representatives of the Company.
d. The applicant’s sponsor must be an existing distributor of the Company.
e. The right to the distributorship solely belongs to the distributor and should not be shared with any other person except his/her spouse.
f. All applicants must complete and submit a simple application form with a fee of RM50.00 (West Malaysia) or RM55.00 (East Malaysia) or the amount fixed by the company for the respective countries for the purchase of K-LINK International Starter Kit.
g. Should an applicant decide not to pursue the distributorship, he/she may return the Starter Kit in its original, marketable condition to the Company for a full refund within a cooling off period of 90 days.

2. Bonus Payment

a. The calculation of bonus payment is based on the Business Value (BV) of K-LINK International products.
b. The bonus payment shall be paid to distributors between the 15th-20th day of the following month. Year-end bonus shall be paid in March the following year.
c. Upon receiving the monthly bonus statement, the distributor should immediately check for discrepancies or errors and report within 10 to 30 days from the issue date of the statement. Beyond this period, the Company bears no responsibility.
d. All purchase receipts that do not bear the distributor’s ID number will not be included in the monthly statement.
e. The bonus payment of amount below RM50.00 or the amount fixed by the company shall be paid by Cash Coupon; above RM50.00 or the amount fixed by the company shall be paid by cheque.

3. Responsibility of a Distributor in Promoting Products

a. A K-LINK International distributor must be honest in promoting K-LINK International products and marketing plan and must not resort to profiteering.
b. A K-LINK International distributor must explain clearly to his/her customers that the Company’s marketing plan is based on the sale of products and does not depend on unrealistic means to profiteer. Hence, a distributor must work hard in promoting the sale of products in order to make profits and develop a viable sales network.
c. A distributor must not alter the contents of K-LINK International Product Catalogue, misrepresent the specifications or overstate the value and quality of any products. A distributor shall be held responsible and must compensate the Company for any damage to its reputation or financial losses arising from legal actions taken on such malpractices.
d. A distributor must promote K-LINK International products according to the Company’s written specifications. He/She is not permitted to amend or overstate the facts.
e. A distributor must not claim or advertise that K-LINK International products “can cure” any disease.

4.Product Display and Packaging

a. A distributor is not permitted to repackage or add trademarks on K-LINK International products.
b. K-LINK International products must be sold in its original packaging.
c. A distributor is permitted to sell or display K-LINK International products and product literature in any retail outlets or stalls, provided the price is in Customer Price and not lower.
d. A distributor must not display or sell its products at any exhibitions or trade fairs unless prior approval is obtained from the Company.

5. Product Pricing

a. The Company shall fix all retail prices of K-LINK International products.
b. A distributor must not engage in price undercutting or overcharging customers. This is an unethical conduct and the Company reserves the right to terminate the distributorship or take legal action against the offender.
c. A distributor must not organize his/her own sales promotion or make special offers for products, unless written approval has been obtained from the Company.
d. A distributor must not sell products with expired shelf life.

6. Advertisement and Use of Trademarks

a. A distributor is not allowed to advertise K-LINK International products or its marketing plan, unless he/she uses the exact wordings found in the Starter Kit or written approval has been obtained from the Company.
b. A distributor is not allowed to private use the name and registered trademarks of K-LINK International or any symbols representing K-LINK International or its products except for printed materials provided by the Company or a written permission has given by the Company.
c. When a distributorship is terminated or cancelled, the distributor must:

i. Stop using K-LINK International business name, trademarks or symbols.
ii. Stop using any policies, symbols, trademarks and any printed materials related to K-LINK International products.

d. A distributor is not allowed to advertise K-LINK International products or any related marketing materials in his/her personal website or other website.

7. Responsibility of a Distributor

a. A distributor is not allowed to use the word “Employee” or “Agent” of K-LINK International in his/her personal printed materials.
b. A distributor is not allowed to claim that he/she owns or has the right of distributorship to any region.
c. A distributor must be familiar with the Direct Sales Act 1993 of Malaysia or the Legislations/Acts governing the direct sales industry of the respective country.
d. A distributor must keep records of his/her annual income to report to the Inland Revenue authority and pay his/her own income tax.
e. A distributor must not participate in pyramid selling or stock up inventory for the purpose of gaining higher bonus or promotion.
f. Upon closing a transaction, the distributor must present a receipt to the customer.
g. With regard to complaints related to the use or misuse of products, a distributor must endeavour to offer an explanation, but has no right to represent K-LINK International in offering its product guarantee buy back policy as a solution.
h. Distributors must foster friendship and harmony among each other and help to promote the culture of loving and caring.

8. Cancellation/Termination/Death of Distributor

a. If a new distributor is unable to purchase 100BV worth of products within 12 months, his/her distributorship will be automatically cancelled. A new application is required if he/she intends to continue his/her distributorship.
b. A distributor is a qualified distributor as long as he maintains a personal Sale of 100BV within every six months The Company however reserves the right to terminate any distributorship if a distributor infringes or violates the rules or any term thereof.
c. Any distributor who does not comply and violate any policies, procedures and rules of conduct, K-LINK International reserves the right to cancel or terminate his/her distributorship and seek compensations through legal actions.
d. A distributor who voluntarily terminates or is terminated by the Company may re­ apply for distributorship 6 months later. The Company reserves the right to approve or reject his/her application.
e. A distributor, who has terminated his/her distributorship, he/she is not allowed to engage in any direct selling activities organized by K-LINK International within 6 months after termination or cancellation of his/her distributorship.
f. Upon termination or cancellation of distributorship, a distributor is no longer entitled to any privileges or benefits that he/she enjoyed previously.
g. A distributor who was previously terminated and successfully reapplied to be a distributor will no longer entitled to the rights and bonuses of his/her previous down-lines. He/She has to redevelop a new network.
h. In the event of death or disability of a distributor, which prevents the distributor from performing his distributorship duties, K-LINK International will transfer his/her network and all benefits to the person appointed by him/her as the legal beneficiary.
i. The company has the right to terminate any position held by the Distributorship, if he or she is involved in dealings with another multi-level marketing or direct selling company.
j. A distributor is not allowed to sponsor other distributors, and (or) his/her spouse or children to become a down line of other line. Hence, the company reserves the rights to penalise such as to discontinue, cancel or terminate the distributorship of any distributor who does not comply with K-LINK International loving and caring culture.

9. Sponsorship Rules

a .A distributor is not allowed to change sponsor, K-LINK International will also not process applications submitted by a single party. Under special circumstances, an application should be submitted in four copies, of which two are from the distributor’s direct up-lines and one from the distributor. The Company will consider the application but reserves the right to approve or reject.
b. A distributor is allowed to maintain only ONE account. The Company has the right to cancel any other account maintained by a distributor.
c. Distributor who voluntarily terminates his/her account can reapply to be a distributor again 6 months later.
d. A distributorship has no expiry date. A distributor has to maintain a sales value of 100BV for a 6-month period in order to be an approved distributor.
e. The spouse of a distributor can be sponsored to be a distributor. The sponsor must be his wife or her husband and not allowed to be sponsored into another group.
f. If two distributors get married, they can select to:

i. Maintain their respective groups of down-lines independently.
ii. Give up one of the distributorship to jointly operate a single distributorship. In this case, the abandoned group of down-lines will continue with its original operation.

g. ln the event of a divorce, a joint distributorship will then be settled in accordance with their divorce agreement or the court’s ruling.
h. If any distributor is found to violate any of the above rules and regulations, K-LINK International will seek appropriate actions or negotiations to return the benefits to the distributor or his/her up-line.

Code of Ethics

The K-LINK International Code of Ethics

1. To strictly abide by the principles of honesty, truthfulness and etiquette. To promote a culture of love and care adopted by K-LINK International and to realise the Company’s vision of going global, as reflected in our motto – Your Global Link.
2. To abide by the Direct Selling Law and the policies and procedures set by K-LINK International, at all times.
3. Do not resort to unethical means in conducting direct sales and refrain from damaging the direct selling industry, the Company or its distributors.
4. Be sincere when presenting K-LINK International marketing plan to friends and be committed to achieve sales objectives.
5. Do not criticize or pass slanderous remarks on other companies or distributors. Be loyal to the Company.
6. To abide by the retail price set by the Company and do not resort to price undercutting for achievement of personal benefits.
7. It is forbidden to use the Company’s resources to conduct any business that competes with K-LINK International.
8. Be committed to the image building of K-LINK International and strive to fulfil the needs of customers and down-lines in order to achieve customer satisfaction with the Company, its products and service.

Distributor Code of Ethics

Every distributor who launches his/her direct selling business should abide by K-LINK International Distributor Code of Ethics that aim to establish or enhance the reputation and image of the Direct Selling industry. This will then attract more people to set up a K-LINK International Direct Selling business, establishing a good foundation for their own business and contributing to the growth of the direct selling industry.

K-LINK International reserves the right to terminate the distributorship of any distributors who are found to breach its Code of Ethics or do not adhere to our policies and procedures.

Trading/Importing of Products

K-LINK International Rules of Conduct are set up to maintain fundamental guidelines to help and safeguard the advantages of the K-LINK International Marketing Plan even-handedly for all distributors.

1. For what reason is sending out/bringing in or offering of K-LINK product from Malaysia to some other country or the other way round disallowed?
The disallowance is fundamental for the accompanying reasons:

a) To provide equitable business chance to all K-LINK’s distributors and to maintain balance of trade in the businesses.
b) To secure the K-LINK business and its notoriety.
d) Limitation by guidelines on ingredients, labelling and packaging.
e) Customs, obligations and other related laws.
f) Item obligation.
g) Trade name and trademark assurance.
h) The prerequisite for item enlistment to lawfully retail the item in the country.
I) Writing substance or language prerequisites.

2. Would I be able to ship, supply or retail K-LINK products bought in Malaysia to Indonesia and Singapore in view that they are worked as a solitary Line of Sponsorship?
Retailing K-LINK products in such countries, regardless of whether legitimately or by implication, comprises cross fringe exercises which is carefully disallowed, and is disregarding the K-LINK Rules of Conduct. Accordingly, all K-LINK distributors can just supply/retail the products in their own country of activity.

3. What would it be advisable for me to do if my clients need to purchase certain items in bulk?

You are encouraged to be watchful in realizing your clients just as your downlines’ retailing exercises accordingly as any resistance may embroil and affect you. We look for your collaboration to report any such occurrences by means of email to, and to give the Company proof of such misbehaviour.

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