Terms & Conditions

1. Qualification for participation

K-LINK International Family Compassionate Fund (KFCF) is opened to all K-LINK distributors in Malaysia & Singapore and valid for Participating Members (PM) only.

2. Contribution Amount

Each PM contributes RM1.00 for each deceased PM, through monthly bonus deductions. The total sum collected will then be passed on to the named beneficiary. If 2 PM pass away in a particular month, then RM2.00 will be deducted from each PM for that particular month.

A maximum of RM3.00 per month will be deducted for the first 3 months of participation, from each PM regardless if there are more than 3 PM die. From the fourth month onwards, a maximum of RM6.00 per month from each PM will be deducted, if 6 or more PM die.

Contributions from each PM member in a particular month are limited to RM6.00 regardless of the number of demised PM.

The allocation of contribution depends on to the number of PM in the whole fund with a guaranteed minimum contribution of RM5,000 for each demised PM regardless of the number of PM.


If there are 10,000 PM – Total contribution to the deceased PM would be RM10,000.
If there are 3,000 PM – Total contribution to the deceased PM would be RM5,000.

3. Distribution of K-LINK International Family Compassionate Fund

If 3 or less than 3 PM pass away in a particular month, the named beneficiary/ beneficiaries will get RM1 contribution from each PM. If more than 3 PM pass away in that particular month, the funds collected will be equally divided amongst all named beneficiaries.


(10 deceased PM)
Joined KFCF > 3 months 7,000 persons x RM6 = RM 42,000
Joined KFCF < 3 months 3,000 persons x RM3 = RM 9,000
TOTAL = RM51,000
RM51,000 / 10 = RM 5,100

4. Beneficiaries

4.1 One participant is allowed to nominate at least one beneficiary; the name of beneficiary nominated must be stated according to his/her identity Card.

4.2 The same name can be nominated by more than 1 PM as their named Beneficiary.

4.3 In the case of changing of beneficiaries, a written notice signed by the PM and signed by the witness must be submitted (signature on the notice must be the same as the application form submitted attached with PM photocopy I/C). If the PM and the beneficiary deceased at the same time, the guardian or the trustee stated in “Letter of Administration” of the deceased PM will receive the compassionate fund.

5. Rules and regulations of Fund Entitlement

Option Plan 1

– Counting from the bonus month of participation, a KFCF member must maintain monthly personal sales of at least 100BV for 6 consecutive months; in which starting from the 7th bonus month, the participant and his/her beneficiary are qualified to claim the KFCF. This means the beneficiary of the participant is entitled to the KFCF claim, if the participant dies from the 7th bonus month onwards.

– However to be a qualified PM (to be entitled to claim KFCF), the PM must continue to maintain at least 100BV of personal sales per month from the 7th month onwards. Once the PM stops to maintain 100BV of personal sales for any particular month, the PM is no longer a qualified PM. If the Disqualified PM wishes to be a qualified PM again, he/she must obtain a “license” by maintaining monthly personal sales of at least 100BV for six (6) consecutive months.

– No payment will be paid out if participant dies in-between bonus month of participation while maintaining monthly personal sales of at least 100BV for six (6) consecutive months.

– Any discontinuation of monthly maintenance will subject to re-qualification.

Option Plan 2

– Upon signing up as a new KFCF member, you have an option to purchase 600BV. The 600BV purchase (starting from the month of purchase) will be apportioned over a period of six (6) months as follows :

(a) The 2nd month to the 6th month will be 100BV per month

(b) The 1st month will be 600BV or more minus 500BV (2nd month to 6th month)

For example, you purchase 650BV under the Option Plan 2:

(a) The 2nd month to the 6th month will be allocated 100BV per month

(b) The 1st month will be allocated 150BV (650BV – 500BV)

You will qualify for the KFCF on the 4th month:

– When you choose Option Plan 2, you must obtain a Special KFCF receipt [the KFCF 6 Months Maintenance (prepaid form)]. If you use the normal purchase receipt, all purchase will be entered in the month of purchase, which indicates that you have not chosen Option Plan 2, therefore you will not qualify for the KFCF in the 4th month.

– If you join the KFCF in the 1st month with 100BV, but decided to purchase 600BV on the 2nd month, you will only qualify for the KFCF on the 7th month and not on the 4th month.

6. Notice of claim

– Upon death, a written notice must be given to the Company within ONE week. All validated documents must be submitted within 15 days from the date of death.

– Beneficiaries must also produce documents to prove their relation with the deceased to the Company before the beneficiaries are able to claim the fund.

– KFCF will only be paid to the beneficiaries upon the receipt of a copy of death certificate of the deceased PM that is certified as true copy by the National Registration Department of Malaysia and approval by The Executive Committee of KFCF.

7. Cheque Presentation Ceremony

Family members or beneficiaries are required for a brief photography session during the cheque presentation ceremony arranged by the Company.

8. Right of Company

The Company reserved the right to change the rules and regulations of the KFCF without prior notice to all PM.

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